Aye, it's Enza.

I created this blog, Book Fluke, as kind of a 2014 summer project for myself to get better in writing, and just to keep track of what I'm reading. The books that would mostly be featured on hereare Young Adult-Fiction.

Ever since mid-2012, I've been lagging behind my reading and I feel like this could help me get back into my reading habits. Mostly, because of school work and just life, in general. So, now I'm going to start over, read all of my books, along with books I will borrow from the library.

Things that will be in this blog:
- Memes
- TBRs and Wrap Ups
- Reviews/Recommendations (may it be just books or even movie reviews)
  *All of the reviews will be of my honest opinions and nothing else.
- Read-a-thons
- Book Tags and Book List

Facts about me:
- I'm 15 years old, 16 in September, and I'm a sophomore in high school.
- I am terrified of geckos.
- I breathe books and music.
- I say "um" a lot, mainly because I'm way too awkward and just not social.
- I'm an over-achiever but, at the same time, I am a very lazy person.
- I value sleep.
- I feel like I'm the only left that hasn't been sucked into the Netflix-vortex, and I think I am liking my choice.

If you would like to get to know me more or just have random questions, follow me on any of my social media accounts and keep exploring! Or email at me at enzaquimson@gmail.com.

And, also if you have any suggestions on how I can improve on my writing and this blog, even my reading habits, feel free to comment or message me! I love criticism and won't get mad at you if they are on the negative side.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images used in this blog, unless stated so. All credits are given to the owners. If you have any problems, please contact me via email and the images will be taken down immediately.

*updated  August 14, 2014

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