Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blog Posting Schedule!

So, I have thought about it a long, LONG, time and I felt that I needed something to motivate me to keep me blogging and posting things, and even reading. I've decided to have a blog posting schedule and I spent all these two weeks, I think, preparing drafts and jotting down blog post ideas. I've also prepared a booklist that I want to follow throughout the year, but also left some space for me to read whichever I want, if that makes any sense. 

Here's my schedule:

Mondays - anything random, usually a TBR

Wednesdays - book tags, memes, something fun and interactive

Fridays - book reviews, wrap-ups

Saturdays/Sundays - this depends if i had something prepared, or the amount of homework I have

I know this will probably take me awhile to get used to but bear with me! 
If you're new here, say hi in the comments! And, I will see y'all on Wednesday. 

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