Thursday, September 18, 2014

Harry Potter Moment of the Week #15 | Best Dumbledore Moment

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The best Dumbledore moment for me is....

Okay, I can't really choose because it's Dumbledore, who even can?
So, I decided to just put two of my favorite scenes.

THIS WAS SO COOL. When I saw this, I said "If you think he doesn't get any cooler from that, I don't how he will."

When I was first watching the last movie, when this scene came on, I was full on crying. It was just the prospect of seeing Dumbledore, and during a pivotal moment of Harry's life. Just everything he said just brought waves and waves of tears.

And pretty much everything he says were so philosophical and quotable, that I don't have enough space to type them all out. 

Tell me what you think!
And, maybe your favorite quote by Dumbledore, too!


  1. Both of the moments you chose give me chills (and I think a lot of Dumbledore's best moments do) but for very different reasons. The first one cause it shows his sass, power and style ;-) And I love how he stuck it to the Ministry there too haha! And the second one because I think we all needed another of those Dumbledore moments at that point in the story but more than that, I think Harry needed it too ♥ It's the best!

  2. Yes!! Both of these moments were incredible. The first one, the "Dumbledore's got Style" scene is my pick of the week too. But I can't really think of any scene with him that I didn't love. Really cool choices. Here's my HP MOTW.

  3. Ahhhh we picked the same one! Both of these moments are fantastic. They both summarise Dumbledore perfectly. Badass and philosophical at the same time. Definitely one of my favourite characters!

  4. I agree. It's extremely difficult to choose, because - Dumbledore! These are definitely one of my favourite "Dumbledore Moments" but I chose to go with the one that takes place in the beginning of HBP when Dumbledore arrives at the Dursleys to take Harry to the Burrow and gives them a much needed talking to. Here it is: