Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top Ten Tuesdays #4 | Top Ten Blogging Confessions

 This weekly meme is hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish. Go check them out and don't forget to add your blog post's link so everyone can see your top ten, if you do decide to join!

10. Paperbacks > Hardcovers

Okay, I'm not a big fan of hardcovers. Not only are they much expensive than paperbacks but also I get so annoyed with the dust jackets and always end up taking them off when I read hard-covered books. Also, I don't know if it's just me or not but they give off this weird smell.

9. First Blog

This is my first ever blog so exec use my amateur-ness. I've always been a Youtube watcher person so I never really got in to the blog community even though it was like the hype 2 or 3 years ago.

8. Haha, what technology?

I'm not a tech-savy person. I don't know what the heck CSS or HTML were when I started, so I obviously googled them. And, after a month into my blog I still don't know what I'm doing half the time.

7.  Disgrace to the book reading community

I've only read 2 classics in my life. It's supposed to be three but I just pretended I read Animal Farm when we read it for school. Oops. The classics I've read are 1984 and The Outsiders, and I don't even know if they're really considered classic literature.

6. English = No

This kind of ties in with number 7 but I just don't like English/Writing/Literature subject in school. I like to think it's my worst subject because I just despise writing essays. So, it's pretty ironic that I read a lot of books and I have a blog.

5. Awkward camera person

When I was first thinking of putting up a blog, my friend told me why not a BookTube/vlogging account instead? I was actually introduced to the whole book blogging community through BookTube and padfootprongs07. I just can't grasp the idea of me talking to a camera, mainly because I'm just an awkward, shy person in front of camera. One of my most hated things in life are taking pictures.

4. Late into the bandwagon

I have not finished the Divergent and The Mortal Instrument Series and have not started the Infernal Devices. I'm a big YA reader but I just can't find the motivation to read through the Divergent series or the TMI series, which has 6 chunky books.

3. Book Blog Memes

I rely on book blog memes to fill up my blog. There I said it. I'm just not happy with the content I'm personally writing and I feel like that has something to do with my hatred of essays or maybe because I'm just new into this whole blogging thing but I PROMISE I will tone down the memes and start producing quality blog posts.

2. Getting Personal

I'm an awkward person. I'm not a social butterfly and find comfort in my own room and books and the Internet. Yesterday's Life Update was actually so nerve-wracking for me to write because I just feel so anxious of what people will think of me and I really, really need to break into that barrier. This is another reason why I rely on book memes because a lot of people are doing them.

1. Guilty Pleasures

My guilty pleasures are..... the Twilight Saga and Wattpad. My love for the Twilight books could actually rival my love for the Percy Jackson series. It's always been so fun to read the books and I never get tired of them, maybe New Moon a little bit because Bella was just too depressed. But yes, I love the Twilight Saga, not so much the movies though, even though Robert Pattinson is really handsome. As for my second guilty pleasure, Wattpad, it's just something I read from before I go to sleep. I never sleep without reading a page of a book from Wattpad. Something about not published books are so intriguing to me.

Tell what y'all think of my confessions in the comments below and see you in my text one!

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