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The Sorceress by Michael Scott | Book Review

Title: The Sorceress                                                        
Author: Michael Scott                                                          
Series: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #3
Released: May 26, 2009
Pages: 502

Nicholas Flamel's heart almost broke as he watched his beloved Paris crumble before him. The city was destroyed by Dee and Machiavelli, but Flamel played his own role in the destruction. Sophie and Josh Newman show every sign of being the twins of prophecy, and Flamel had to protect them and the pages from the Dark Elders.
But Nicholas grows weaker with each passing day. Perenelle is still trapped in Alcatraz, and now that Scatty has gone missing, the group is without protection. Except for Clarent—the twin sword to Excalibur. But Clarent’s power is unthinkable, its evil making it nearly impossible to use without its darkness seeping into the soul of whoever wields it.
If he hopes to defeat Dee, Nicholas must find an Elder who can teach Josh and Sophie the third elemental magic—Water Magic. The problem? The only one who can do that is Gilgamesh, and he is quite, quite insane.

I just finished reading this for the July Trees of Reverie Read-a-thon after almost two weeks of trying to handle all my things before school starts. I honestly found myself struggling to put this down to get things done, but I really had to because I do start school in a couple days and I still have a ton to do. When I finished the second book and saw that this one is titled The Sorceress, I was so excited that they're finally focusing on Perenelle, because she's just awesome and my favorite character along with Scathach. This book was really, really enjoyable for me, especially because there were people introduced again, which I didn't think was anyway possible because Michael Scott already introduced a lot of well-known characters. If you are into history and fantasy, this series is definitely for you. I wouldn't go as far as calling it a historical fiction, though this will help you get into that genre.

I only have a few complaint with this, and it was just some of the plot holes that were really noticeable, particularly the one with Clarent, Josh's sword. Another one is how a lot of information gets repeated, and I get it because the time frame of a book is 1 to 2 days and the books are published a year after another, but for me I'm reading this continuously so that's kind of off putting.

In this book, the roller coaster of adventure and self turmoil continues with the characters. You can now definitely see the differences between the twins, no matter what they say, though the twins' bond is still there. I was so happy to finally see the characters developing, seeing that no characters except for the Flamels and the twins are constant. Sophie finally grew a backbone and stopped being naive and I respect her for all the choices she had to do.

I liked the fact that the fight scenes weren't as long as those in the first two books and that just made the whole plot come together, because it kind of says that only a percentage knows of this rather than the author keep saying that it is the mortals' fault.

Michael Scott also introduced many more places and people and I couldn't get enough of them. I kept thinking on how he would be able to incorporate all the things he mentions but they all work perfectly with the plot. If you like London and its historical sites *cough* Stonehenge *cough*, this one's for you.

I have a love/hate relationship with cliff hangers, but in this book I absolutely loved them!

I really recommend this series, because it is such a unique, fun story. Even though it does have its flaws, they can be easily overlooked at because of the mystery and the adventure that the series presents. So, definitely check this out! 

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