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The Magician by Michael Scott | Book Review

Title: The Magician                                                            
Author: Michael Scott                                                            
Series: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #2
Released: June 24, 2008
Pages: 464

In the hands of Dr. John Dee and the Dark Elders, the book of Abraham the Mage could mean the destruction of the world as we know it. The most powerful book of all time, it holds the secret of eternal life — a secret more dangerous than any one man should ever possess. And Dee is two pages away from the knowledge that would bring the Dark Elders into ultimate power.
His only obstacle? Josh and Sophie Newman — who are eight thousand miles away.
After fleeing Ojai, Nicholas, Sophie, Josh, and Scatty emerge in Paris. The City of Lights. Home to Nicholas Flamel. Only, this homecoming is anything but sweet.
Niccolo Machiavelli, immortal author and celebrated art collector, is working for Dee. He's in hot pursuit, and time is running out for Nicholas and Perenelle. Every day they spend without the book, they age one year: their magic becomes weaker and their bodies more frail. For Flamel, the Prophecy is growing clearer and clearer. It's time for Sophie to learn the second elemental magic.
Fire Magic. 
And there's only one man who can teach it to her: Flamel's old student the Comte de Saint-Germain - alchemist, magician, and rock star. 
Josh and Sophie Newman are the world's only hope. If they don't turn on each other first.

I read this book during the June Trees of Reverie Read-a-thon, right after the first one, as a matter of fact, so I don't know why I'm only putting this review up now. This is the second book in the series, so there might be slight spoilers if you're just finding out about the series but I will try to keep the spoilers really minor. I didn't know what to expect from this book, because I refrained myself from looking in the Goodreads ratings not like when I read the first book. I gave it a 4 out 5 stars because there were just so much action, more world building, and new characters, which I very much appreciated. This is definitely better than the first book, so if you weren't that pleased with the first book, don't worry it gets better!

The first thing I liked were the new characters introduced, such as Joan of Arc and Niccolo Machiavelli, who are pretty famous. I was actually really surprised when I saw Joan of Arc, and was so intrigued on how she fits in the world. And, I was not disappointed, she was kick-butt and definitely helped the twins, especially Sophie. You'll have to find out the other characters introduced because they were all definitely awesome, villain or not. 

A lot of aspects of the world is finally coming together and answer that definitely have risen up, for me anyways, were answered this book. It feels so good to be finally in the loop and made me more invested in the world. And the good thing, just like the first book, the "features" of the world were not thrown out to you but they're really wrapped up in the events and all the action that took place. 

I had the same problem with this book just like in the first one and it's the lack of character development, even though Josh did show some progress but it wasn't for good. But, I think that's just a personal preference. 

All in all, great, great sequel. So excited to pick up the next book, which I am actually going to read tonight. 

If you have read this book already, let me know what you think! Also, if you're planning to pick up the series, I would also love to know. Tell me in the comments below and I'll see y'all in my next one! 

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