Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review Policy & Rating System

*updated August 3, 2014*

Review Policy

*Accepting books for reviews*

All the books reviewed here in Book Fluke are all either personally bought, given to me, or borrowed from the library, unless stated otherwise.

All opinions and thoughts expressed in my reviews are mine, meaning that if I did not like a book the review will reflect that, but I will never insult or degrade an author and their work.

*For movie reviews, I will mostly do them for book to movie adaptations and for fun. As you all can tell books are very dear to me and to see them translated into movie format, they will always receive criticism to me. Whether it be positive, constructive, or negative. I have not received anything from producers or any movie personalities whatsoever in exchange for my reviews.

None of the reviews, or any of the content as a matter of fact, can be used without my permission or a link back to blog post.

If anyone wishes to contact me and send anything for a review, please contact me via email @, with:

- all the information you want me to include in the review (name, synopsis, links, format)
- tell me whether it is an ARC or not
- if you have a time frame you want me to follow

I prefer Digital texts, ARCs or Published

What to expect from me:
- an honest review
- If you do have a time frame, please consider that I am a full time student
- I will try to post a review up for ARCs a month before the book is going to be published
- The review will be posted on this blog, Tumblr and my Goodreads account, which is connected to my Twitter account.

Preferred Genres:
- YA Literature
  - Sci-fi/Dystopian
  - Fantasy
  - Romance
  - Historical Fiction
  - Contemporary
- New Adult
- Middle Grade
- Graphic Novels/Comics

I won't be accepting any:
- Erotica
- Nonfiction
- Poetry
- Adult Fiction
- Heavy Psychological Thrillers
- Horror
- Non-published books
- Self-published books

Rating System

5 stars - Amazing, highly recommended, might just be a new favorite for me!
4 stars - Really enjoyable, recommended.
3 stars - It's okay, but multiple aspects are lacking.
2 stars - Not so great. 
1 star - Horrible, I did not enjoy it, won't ever recommend or reread. 

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