Thursday, July 10, 2014

Harry Potter Moment of the Week #5 | Scariest Magical Creature

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Scariest Magical Creature: Dementors

I hate, hate, hate dementors. When I first watched the movie, right after I read the book, I thought I was prepared to see them in the screen. BUT NO. That didn't happen, it's something about how they look like and, oh my god, just shivers. I think I was only able to get over my fear of them around two years ago, but before that I couldn't even look at the screen whenever they came on. Also, the fact that Harry was more afraid of them than Lord Voldemort. That's saying something. The most thing I'm creeped out about dementors is their ability to suck out your soul, like what kind of cruelty is that, and their mouths! Don't even get me started with their mouths.

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  1. I think they did them well in the movies. Sadly! Coming to life on screen was terrible, I wasn't amused. I hate them too, and if I ever met one I'd never be able to produce a patronus no matter how much of a practice I had... X:

  2. Agree so much on this one! I think most of us have hated the Dementors this week. Something that sucks your soul is so terrifying and horrific. They were done perfectly in the films too, I agree!

  3. Oh YES^^ I mentioned the SAME thing in my post: the fact that Harry fears these things even MORE than Voldemort himself says a LOT. They terrify me to no end too, gah just thinking about their horrible 'faces'...and those hands. Makes my skin crawl! And like you said: the worst thing of all is how they can actually suck out a person's soul O.O Gah! Awesome pick!