Friday, July 11, 2014

Five Friday Favorites #5 | Favorite Summer Reads

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Favorite Summer Reads!

5. This Is What Happy Looks Like 
This is just a light, very summer-y contemporary read because of the setting and the lack of a heavy plot. 

4. Paper Towns
I haven't read this book but I remember picking it up in January and thinking to myself, "This would be a great summer read," and I am actually looking forward to continuing this book before school starts.

3. Twilight Saga
This series is just a must for me every summer. Ever since 2010, it's been tradition for me to read this whenever comes. I am going to start New Moon pretty soon, so I'm excited for that. 

2. Harry Potter
This is another must for me in the summer and I've already read 3 books and I'm planning to continue during the Summer of Spells Read-a-long. 

1. The Lost Hero
I thought I wouldn't like this book as much because no Percy but I loved it! Nothing but a good dose of demigod adventures. 

What are your favorite summer reads? Tell me in the comments below!

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