Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Top Ten Tuesdays #3 | Top Ten Book Cover Trends

 This weekly meme is hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish. Go check them out and don't forget to add your blog post's link so everyone can see your top ten, if you do decide to join!

Cover Trends that I Love

1. Typography being the sole focus of the cover

 Covers that feature awesome typography are just really attractive and some are super simple yet very eye-catching. These two book covers are soooooo nice.


2. Minimalistic

 I love simple book covers. I hate covers that are so overdone that it kind of gives you an off feeling when picking up a book.

3. Pastel Colors

 Pastel colors are just so pretty. I absolutely love the cover of Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.

4. Matching covers by the same author

I mean, obviously, in series this is a must but when it comes to authors it definitely adds to like the pull you get to buy books from that author. They also look great in the shelves especially when you organize your books by authors, which I do.


5. Covers that feature scenes in the book

 Certain scenes in the book that you can actually see just helps the readers, me personally, to help with imagination especially if the book have different aspects than our society. The epitome of this is the Harry Potter series, maybe not-so the fourth book, but the others are spot on.

Cover Trends that I Hate

1. Half-faced 

I just don't get them at all. This is one of the reasons why I didn't continue reading the Delirium series because the covers are so just awkward, but I'm not judging the books by their covers. I also didn't like the story, too Divergent/Hunger Games for me.

2. Display of Affection

This is just a huge turn-off for me, like I mean just so uncomfortable and way too cheesy. So awkward when reading in public. There are so many books like this that are just so cringe-worthy.

3. Movie Tie-In Covers

These are super annoying. I don't want to see celebrities in the front, especially if they are way off from how the real characters are described in the book. I absolutely love, love, the blue Great Gatsby book cover, even though I might not have read it *shhhhh*, and The Fault In Our Stars book cover. So, when these came out, I was just so annoyed.


4. "Back" Covers 

Another one that I don't get like what is the point of showing your back? Am I the only annoyed with the Fallen Series book covers? No?

5. Mid-Series Cover Changes

 Stop, stop, stop. Like, seriously? We, book collectors, like to have the same covers that make sense together. Especially the Across the Universe series when the two first books were absolutely stunning.

So, what do you think? Comment down below your likes and dislikes! And, see y'all next Tuesday.

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