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Top Five Wednesdays #3 | Top 5 Naked Cover Books

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Top 5 Naked Cover Books

 5. Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

I chose this book mainly because of its color. I absolutely love light blue/sky blue. I also like the combination of blue and silver, a really classy choice in my opinion. The other thing I like about the cover of this book is the detailing on the spine.

4. Pretenders by Lisi Harrison

The thing I like most about this cover is the image/shadow of the five main characters of the book in the bottom right corner. The blank white cover with the red design is pretty appealing to the eye. 

3. Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Out of the 3 books this is my favorite mainly because of the color scheme, again. I'm not one for the pictures in the actual hard cover because, for me, that's what the dust jacket is for. I really like the green and gold combination and the tree is so simple and pretty. 

2. The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

I actually never saw this one before until I was looking for books for this list. So, when I saw this last Sunday, I was like "whoa." I absolutely love black covered books and the blue details added more because I love the color blue. The design itself is also impressive and appealing. 

1. The Immortal Rules Julie Kagawa

This is my favourite one because the spine is absolutely stunning. It's intricate and very detailed. And as I said before, I like the black hard cover and the color red is a good pair with black. And, the actual cover is really simple and just says the title of the series. 

I had fun doing this list and made me actually look inside the dust jackets because I don't really do that. Comment below what you think of this list and your lists too!
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See y'all next Wednesday!

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