Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June #BookADay on Twitter | Join us and find books for your TBRs and bookshelves!

This book challenge can be done all through out the summer, and is originally been done like that. If you want more information about that click here! And follow Donalyn Miller, the facilitator of this challenge, that has already been going on for SIX years! Pretty sick, if I say so myself. So if you're needing some kind of motivation or just a support system for your summer reading, definitely check them out! 

But, if you want to just see for yourself if you can do it, join the #bookaday challenge hosted by The Borough Press for the month of June. 
Join us on Twitter by using the hashtag #bookaday and follow @BoroughPress for more information and find others who are joining the fun!

*Disclaimer: Both of the book-a-day challenges do have different "rules and instructions" but it would be lovely to check and support both of them!

This meme/challenge was a spur out of the moment on Day #3 when I was going through my feed and the theme during that day were books with blue covers. So me being the amateur I am, took most of my blue covered books out of my bookshelves and posted a picture of them. Haha, pretty dumb I know. But, today, Day #4, I just snapped a picture of one book, just one! Check out my first tweets @enzieequimson

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