Friday, June 13, 2014

Five Friday Favorites #1 | Favorite Parents in Fiction

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5. Lily and James Potter  

Of course, this wouldn't be a Book Fluke post without some kind of a Harry Potter mention. Even though Harry's parents were dead, their memories were kept alive by their friends and shared them with Harry. And through out the series, I feel like Harry Potter always, consciously and subconsciously, thought if his decisions will make his parents proud, which obviously led to great triumphs for him and his new found family against Voldemort. 

4. Kat and Denny Hall

During Mia's "recounting" of her memories and/or certain important scenes of her life, we were able to learn about her parents. I was so impressed with Mia's mom, Kat Hall and her loyalty to the family. She might have been against Mia's love for classical music but learned that it will always be part of her and accepted it. As for her dad, Denny, even though, he could be quite rebellious, seeing that he was in a band in the past, he was quite mature when it came to his family. He was able to give up his love for being a band to provide for his family through becoming a teacher.

3. Carlisle and Esme Cullen 

What I love most about Carlisle and Esme is their passion and support for their adopted children. To them, family always comes first, even though their family isn't really the typical one. Let's first talk about Esme. She's just awesome. She was obviously a family person when she was still human, and that seemed to intensify when she became a vampire. She's not afraid to do anything for her family, and is even kind enough to be nice towards to those who don't like her. For Carlisle, I adore him because of the effort he does to protect his loved ones and his love for humanity, hence the going "vegetarian."

2.  Sally Jackson 

Her love for Percy is so admirable, when throughout the series you see the demigods' parents hating their children just because of who and what they are. But that wasn't the case for Sally, she embraced Percy's fate. She didn't try to stop him or go against him and just supported him. And what I love most about her, and I think Percy too, is her ways in making Percy feel that he is not a bad person. And she always seemed to know what to say to Percy.

1. Arthur and Molly Weasley 

Predictable? Ha, don't really care because they are the epitome of great parents. This family has just been through so much, and for them to stick together 'til the end, the parents must be doing something right. We first met them in the second book, in where we just loved them because of how they welcomed Harry to their home. Both of them are fiercely loyal and don't really care of what others think of them. They might have been poor, but they never complained or whined but just tried to make everything work. Also, they're not the kind of parents to hold a grudge against their children no matter how big their faults are but just forgives them and continue on loving and supporting them.

Who are your favourite fictional parents? Let me know in the comments below!
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