Friday, June 6, 2014

#AYearAThon | Day 5

Day #5!

Currently Reading: The Lost Hero

Books Read:
- The Lightning Thief
- The Sea of Monsters
- The Titan's Curse
- The Battle of the Labyrinth
- The Last Olympian
- Percy Jackson and the Demigod Files
- The Maze of Bones

Pages read since last update: 333

Total Pages Read: 2,416

Well, today was better than yesterday, in terms of how many pages I read, but I did finish one book yesterday and that, in some weird way, hold more like a sense of accomplishment, I don't even know I'm weird. But, I hope tomorrow will be better, seeing that it is a weekend and not much chores or errands to do. So, see y'all tomorrow! Make sure to follow me on Twitter @enzieequimson and on Tumblr at weskipthistown, because I'm going to be more active there now because school's out.

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